Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dietrich/Moore Family Vacation

We just returned from three days/two nights of sand-filled fun with Matt's family (parents, sis and her crew). Since we never have made a complete Dietrich/Moore family pilgrimage to the beach (yes Don, the past trips didn't count because YOU weren't there), this was the 1st official family summer vacation.

Davis and Marin LOVED the surf and sand! Kyra - not so much (but she did enjoy the pool). We had the grandiose plan of trying to snap some family pictures while at the shore, but we were never able to muster up a shower in before the sun actually set.

We did try earnestly to get a good shot of Davis and Marin on the Lifeguard chair . . . We've now declared it officially impossible to get a shot with them BOTH looking at the camera (or even just in the camera direction for that matter).

We also had a very small birthday party for Davis (in true Paris Hilton style we'll be holding a party on both coasts . . . well, kinda. Utah is considered in the West!).

Davis was quite sad when the weekend was over. But, we told him we'd go back again soon!