Sunday, June 14, 2009

Potty Talk

So, Davis is in watching "The Lion King" with his cousin Kyra right now and Matt walked in on the part where Simba is crying because his Father died. Here conversation between Matt and Davis that followed:

Davis: Why is Simba crying?
Matt: Because Simba's Daddy died. Wouldn't you be sad if I died?
Davis: Yeah, I would be sad. Would you be sad if Mommy died?
Matt: I would be sad if Mommy died.
Davis: Daddy, if Mommy died then we could talk Potty Talk ALL the time!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gone Fishin'

The last weekend of May, Jon and Nicole were able to come up for a long awaited visit! Top priority on the "to-do" list was a M-U-C-H anticipated and V-E-R-Y special fishing trip with Uncle Jon! Davis was SO excited and couldn't wait for Jon and Nicole to get to our house so that he could use his Superman fishing pole again.

We have a great reservoir near our house called Marsh Creek that offers every type of water sport (really interesting history -- my mother-in-law's childhood house is now at the bottom of the Marsh Creek Reservoir). We were able to rent a row boat with a motor and hit the high seas for a full two hours of fishing fun. Matt was in heaven! ;)

Davis was the fishing master catching two BIG fish with Auntie Nicole coming in a close second with one "baby" fish (which of course was NOT as BIG as Davis's two fish).

We weren't able to keep any of the fish we caught (WAY too little) much to Davis's disappointment. Maybe next year . . . .

PS: I'm trying to upload the video from the fishing trip and it's just not taking. I'll probably just post it to Facebook . . . .

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Officially Summer!

For the past 6 months Davis has asked me nearly every day, "Mommy, is tomorrow summer?" Well, I told him that summer starts when school is finished. Davis was sad that school ended but SO exited that summer is finally here and that we can go swimming.

Davis had a great year at the Brandywine School in their Young 4s program. His best buddy Christopher was in his class and they really had a great time (sometimes they were a bit crazy, but overall they were really good together).

Here is a picture of the two from their end-of-year program on May 20th:

Davis's teachers were wonderful -- Mrs. Joan Olds (pictured right) and Mrs. Chris Taylor (left). Davis couldn't have had better teachers!

Davis also had very nice classmates - most of whom are moving forward with him to the 5s program which will also be at the Brandywine School (we've decided to do one more year of preschool with Davis which will make him one of the older kids in the class rather than one of the youngest).

And finally, here is Davis getting his 4s graduation "certificate"! On to summer fun!