Sunday, July 5, 2009

Davis 4th of July Activities

This year, we celebrated Independence Day for 2 full days! We started the festivities the afternoon of the 3rd over at the Whitford Country Club's annual party. We were lucky to have Nan & Poppy with us, Davis's cousin Marin, and Davis's best buddy Christopher and his sister Lauren (who also happens to be Davis's girlfriend) with us for the fun!

The morning of the 4th, we decided to check out Downingtown's "Good Neighbor Day". There were lot of vendors and stuff to see, but the REAL interest were the rides! Who can claim that they've been on a "Scoobie Copter"???

Not many, I'm sure . . . .

Davis was also "super happy" to see all the fire trucks that were on display (we are trying to host his 5th birthday party at the local fire station . . . ).

That afternoon, Matt treated us to a Phillies vs. Mets game downtown. Davis had a blast clapping along, eating popcorn and peanuts (and throwing the shells on the ground).

We ended the day by hosting a small fireworks show in our driveway with Nan & Poppy and our next door neighbor Cara.

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